We just did two Philosophical Chairs . . . school uniforms & energy drinks - - discussing both sides.  We are also going to do Socratic Seminars which are similar to PC but also very different.  SS is a discussion of a topic within a small group where the members take turn discussing the various points of the topic....agree/disagree; analyzing; & critiquing.

What topic would you like to discuss for each activity?

Example of an answer:
Socratic Seminar - Teens involvement in EcoConservation
Philosophical Chairs - All professional athletes should have a college education.

DUE by Tuesday, May 9, 2011


Destiny Gonzales - Period 2
04/29/2011 19:56

For both activities, some topics that would be good are about legalizing marijuana, abortion or about school hours (if it should be shortened or school days should decrease)...

Savannah Towles Period 5
04/29/2011 21:03

For Socratic Seminar Psychopathic children getting off free.

For Philosphical Chairs- Should Abortions be legal in the US?

That would be good topics.

Ginger Silver (Period 5)
04/30/2011 21:30

Topics to discuss in class:

Socratic Seminars: Gay Marriage!

Philosophical Chairs: Should teenagers have a curfew?

Thalia Alcala p.4
05/02/2011 23:33

philosopical chairs:
whos to balme for increase in obisty (US); the fast sood restuarants (like McDonalds) or the consumer?

Secratic seminar:
no break on fridays at Pomona High School...
"dream act" in the state in California

Hue Lee Per.2
05/05/2011 15:51

*Philosophical Chairs*

1.) Should the student themselves or parents be held responsible for their own actions (bad actions)?

*Socratic Seminar*

2.)How can we motivate people to help clean our community for the good and not the bad (Thank to Jelitza for help :D)?

Jelitza Herrera Per.2 =)
05/05/2011 16:02

Socratic Seminar:
*Can euthansia be justified?

Philosophical Chairs:
*Should jobs require a minimum age of 16 years before working in certain positions?

Irving Alvarado P.2
05/05/2011 16:08

Socratic seminar: Should marijuana be legalized?

Philosophical chairs: should you have to be 16 to get the driver's license?

kimberly hernandez period 2
05/05/2011 16:16

philosophical chairs: should 16 year olds be able to vote!?

why is pomona considered such a bad city

lizbeth contreras period 4
05/05/2011 21:23

Philosophical chairs: should teens be able to do what ever they want without there parent permission

socratic seminar: get pomona highs friday schedual back

Ruby Vazquez p.5
05/09/2011 08:39

Philosophical chairs.
Should teens be able to vote at the age of 16?

Socratic Seminar.
What are your thoughts about abortion being legal? Should it be?

alfonso diaz
05/12/2011 15:50

Philospical chairs- Should teens be able to do what they want?

Socratic seminar- We should go to school late on Fridays.

Alida Bravo p.5
05/18/2011 20:25

Topics to be discussed . . . . . .

Philosophical chairs - should teenagers be able to get a lisence at the age of 15 if they know how to drive?

Socratic seminar - gay marriage;

Ali Al-khafaji per.4
05/19/2011 16:40

Philosophical chairs- should people use cellphone while driving?

Socratic seminar- we should have a break on Friday.

Nicole Sarmiento Period 4
05/19/2011 17:33

Philosophical Chairs-Should religion be taught at school?

Socratic Seminar- Should abortion be illegal?

Soria, Vanessa Period IV
05/19/2011 19:13

*Philosophical Chairs:
How our new advanced technology created an impact in our society nowadays.

*Socratic Seminar:
We should discuss the reason of why the republicans seem to oppose the DREAM ACT for AB540 students.

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